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Make Your Voting Plan!

Sarah Bang | Published on 10/9/2020

Are you hearing a lot about “making a voting plan?”


We’re in the middle of a pandemic.

We’re facing a big election.

It would be smart to make a plan!

Let’s lay out some critical steps and resources that will help you do that:

--First Step: Register to Vote

--Voting in person on Election Day

  • Know your polling place. Check your registration.
  • Visit MyInfo.AlabamaVotes.Gov
  • Bring valid photo ID, wear your mask, bring your own black pen.

Note: even if someone is coughing, running a fever, and not wearing a mask – they will still be allowed inside to vote. Please be considerate of your neighbors and your poll workers. Follow the recommending masking and social distancing guidance.


--Voting Absentee:

Any registered AL voter can vote absentee. If you’re voting absentee due to COVID-19, select option #2.

-Voting in person absentee:


-Voting absentee by mail/dropoff:

  • Apply for an absentee ballot. Instructions:
  • The absentee election manager will mail your ballot to your mailing address.
  • Complete the ballot, have it witnessed by a notary OR by 2 people over 18.
  • Instructions for completing/returning an absentee ballot:
  • If you are returning your ballot by mail, we recommend mailing it NO LATER than October 22. Ballots require $1.20 in postage.
  • You can return your ballot in person at the absentee election manager’s office until close-of-business November 2.